Several styles of accommodation are offered and all are subject to availability. The rooms have comfortable beds, hot water, aircon and are in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Phuket is in high demand during the peak season (November through February) and it may not be possible to offer what you request during this time. We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible if you plan to come during high season..

Stay lengths are determined by the request of the client and availability. There is a one-time activity/admin fee for each guest.
Retreats of less than 2 days (3 nights) are not suggested. An alternative is to stay off-site and drop-in for teaching, yoga or meditation.

Room Fees and Rates

Room Style Admin Fee Per Night
Zone A Bungalow 2000 THB 6480 THB
Zone B/R Queen 2000 THB 7020 THB
Zone R Twin 2500 THB 7290 THB
Zone B Suite 2500 THB 8000 THB

room map locations
Pricing and Conversions
All prices are listed in Thai Baht. Please confirm your cost AND availabity of room choice prior to booking.
The prices above INCLUDE:
  • Charges for the room from the night of arrival until the day when you check out, including aircon, fridge, hot and cold shower, swimming pool. Plus the resort amenities: pool, restaurant (2 meals and a snack) and practice areas.
  • Charges for retreat-related services: vegetarian meals, unlimited drinking water supply, 24-hour support.
  • Charges for our professionals teaching physical exercises: yoga or qigong.
  • Charges for excursions to Phukets' meditation power-spots.

  • Airport pickup is included in a 7-day (or longer) retreat and is available for an 800 THB surcharge for shorter retreat lengths.
The meditation instructions and spiritual guidance are free.
The prices above EXCLUDE:
  • Individual (private) quigong or yoga instruction, OR massages,
  • Traditional Chinese medicine treatments.
  • Private Life-Coaching or Counseling sessions (other than regular meditation interviews.

We strive to provide fresh, sustaining and healthy nourishment to you during your stay. Meals included in your room fees are vegetarian (not vegan). We serve hearty breakfasts & lunches and a light supper snack each day.

Our meals are prepared from local ingredients - particularly delicious are the fresh fruits and vegetables - KMC has banana trees on the grounds. Some packaged sauces and flavorings are used, and Western foods such as muesli and breakfast cereals are also served. We emphasize a balanced diet and will ensure that you receive enough protein as well as enough variety to meet your basic diet needs. KMC's kitchen supervisor has an extensive background in upper-tier hospitality service in America.

If additional food is required, you are expected to arrange for it and it is at your own expense. We do have a separate fridge for storage of personal food. There are also many convenience stores and a large variety of restaurants short distance away walking or by Tuk Tuk.

Special Diets:
It is also not possible for us to accommodate every type of special dietary need. Although milk, eggs and butter are served, most of the time they can be avoided by those who prefer a strict vegan diet. If you are gluten-intolerant or have other special dietary needs, we recommend that you confer by email with our staff to determine the necessity of bringing or purchasing some additional supplies.

Food Allergies:
For your safety and protection, if you have a serious food allergy, please inform an English-speaking member of our staff. Some of the curries here may be prepared with nuts, including coconuts. To discuss specific food requirements, contact us before you book your stay.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have, reserve your retreat time, or register now.

Zone A Bungalow Zone R Queen Zone R Twin Zone B Twin Zone B Suite
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