Diet & Wellness

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Our Healthy Cuisine

The center demonstrates healthy cuisine principals and a sensible approach to diet, and offers fresh, wholesome and tantalizing food from a wide range of influences. Thai food is especially delightful, natural & tasty – and appeals to all the senses.

The center chefs use high-quality, fresh, flavor-packed ingredients served close to their natural state using only light cooking methods. You'll find very little processing in our cuisine and no additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings, food colouring or MSG. Fresh herbs and spices will enhance your gastronomic experience.

Out of respect for the idea of compassion of the major religious traditions in Asia, we serve only vegetarian food. You'll enjoy ample protein through nuts, tofu, fresh vegetables, grains and other sources. Cooked snacks and dishes with meat, including an abundance of fresh seafood, are readily available outside the retreat center. We also have available fresh juices, wheatgrass, smoothies, and fresh-ground coffee.

Our cuisine is low sugar, though sugar is available and we have the occasional sweet treat which can be skipped. We use salt sparingly allthough it is available. We also serve low-fat fare – primarily nut and seed oils are used, and this is only in moderation. Dairy products are generally optional - pimarily milk and yogurt as separately offered fare.

yoga thailand
Special Diets or Allergies

We regret that it is not possible for us to accommodate every special dietary need. While milk, eggs and butter are served, most of the time they can be avoided by those who adhere to a strict vegan diet. If you are gluten-intolerant or have other special dietary needs, again it is possible to avoid dishes containing these ingredients. We recommend that you discuss a strategy for your stay with our staff if you have special dietary needs. For your safety and protection, if you have a serious food allergy, please inform an English-speaking member of our staff.

Center Wellness
The Thai people enjoy a lifestyle that is close to the land and in tune with the natural order. They exhibit wonderful health and a lasting glow of youth. The tradition of Thai healing suggests that physical decay, a precursor to disease, is the effect of an unbalanced diet and stressful lifestyle. The prevalence of toxins in the average Western environment is also a primary factor in poor physical health.

From a perspective of change – that our bodies, emotions and minds are in a constant state of change – our guests learn to direct that change towards wholesome and nutritious behaviors – reminiscent of the Thai style of living.

We encourage a gradual approach, which is gentler and more powerful in effecting lasting change than a sudden all-or-nothing approach to wellness. We focus on sustainable changes with room for moderation to make the process of change more approachable and easy.

A holistic approach of mind and body in union, joyfully and purposefully directed toward beneficial change, in a firm, gentle & balanced method is our core philosophy. All of this is done with the spirit of karuna (compassion) and the process is strengthened by the development of moment-to-moment awareness.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have, reserve your retreat time, or register now.

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