Retreat Environment

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood north of Chalong, the center enjoys a serene, peaceful setting. At the same time, we are located in vibrant Phuket – one of the worlds premier travel destinations. You'll find ready access to Western shopping and diverse activities ranging from massage and Thai cooking classes, to adventure sports of all varieties. You also have the opportunity of enjoying yourself in relaxation and introspection.

The center has been thoughtfully designed to include everything that a yogi might want during a retreat focused on mindful practice and movement. The emphasis at this center is on giving crystal-clear instruction and guidance in yoga practice within an environment Westerners find both delightful and tranquil. We also enjoy the fortune of being located in a part of the world that understands yoga & meditation as an integral part of life.

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The center is ideal for a short or long-term stay on your own schedule. Your individual retreat can be arranged for any length of stay and any time of year – there is never a bad time to join us. We offer a range from beginning instruction to advanced meditation guidance – all of which is available to individuals by English speakers. Our meditation instructors have deep experience in long-term retreat and can assist you with the infusion of mindfulness into your yoga practice.

Retreat Policies
The intensity of your individual retreat is up to you. No one at the center is responsible for your discipline, no one sits in judgment and there is no spirit of competition. We recognize both yogic and meditative practices as journeys - works in progress. It is assumed that retreat guests are earnestly interested in their own yoga and spiritual practice and will be considerate of others.

yoga thailand
Many members of the community choose to remain silent, with only functional speech during their stays. This is a voluntary restriction through which individuals choose to more clearly view the internal landscape. At the same time, many members enjoy social interaction with other guests - the choice is up to the individual.

While in the meditation hall, a policy of silence is in place to establish an environment that supports meditation practice and promotes consideration for others.

While outside the meditation hall, we simply ask that you do no harm and refrain from disturbing others. Smoking is not permitted on the retreat premises, and laundry should not be hung to dry in publicly visible places. Other rules and policies are implemented from time to time as required.

A respectful attitude toward the people and items here to assist you, such as teachers, staff, Buddha images and yoga equipment is assumed. This is encouraged, not for respect's sake, but for the preciousness and great value of the opportunity to practice and improve one's being.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have, reserve your retreat time, or register now.

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