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Welcome to Phuket's
Mindful Yoga Retreat!

Yoga Thailand's Phuket Center is Thailand's premier mindfulness meditation and yoga center offering crystal-clear yoga and meditation instruction and guidance in English. Our Phuket location enjoys a serene and peaceful setting on a lush, tropical island. You'll find the facility is nestled in a peaceful neighborhood, out of the tsunami zone, yet accessible to area beaches by taxi.

Yoga Thailand Phuket Center strives to provide a high-quality, yet inexpensive meditation environment and first rate facilities, and activities including: daily yoga, daily meditation, qigong practice, traditional Chinese and Eastern therapies, an outdoor yoga sala (pavilion), a beautiful swimming pool, Thai décor, spacious rooms, aircon throughout the center and healthy vegetarian meals. All of these serve to enhance your retreat experience while remaining conducive to your cultivation of yoga and focused meditative awareness.

Yoga Retreat Thailand - Mindful Yoga Practice

Participate in our instructor-led yoga sessions, then practice on your own by the pool or in the sala. We also offer qigong and meditation, and individual time for yoga practice with private instruction is available. Daily meditation talks and discussions are presented in English by teachers whose combined experience offers a depth and breadth of wisdom that most find exceedingly helpful in your practice. World-class local area beaches are just a short taxi ride away.

Yoga Thailand - Meditation Practice

The center staff recognizes the mutually beneficial relationship between sitting meditation and mindful asana practice. Practicing mindfulness during both stillness & movement is a method of deepening your sense of presence, happiness and peace. Yogis are free to participate in as many meditation sessions as they wish. See Meditation Retreat Thailand for more more information.

Yoga Retreat Thailand - Sustaining Nourishment

Realizing the importance of the fuel and nutriments you provide your body, we pay close attention to the food offered. We feature fresh, delicious vegetarian Thai food, with an occasional Western treat. Enjoying the rich culinary heritage of Thailand and sampling the flavors available will be part of your experience. We know how to eat for health while at the same time delighting the senses.

Yoga Thailand - Enrichment Activities

We have qigong (tai chi), traditional Chinese medical treatments, excursions to area attractions and more. Through mindful participation in all these activities, the yogi becomes more grounded throughout the day, less prone to emotional upheaval, more kind, considerate and caring for others. The body feels youthful and vibrant, the mind spacious and relaxed.

The center has a variety of accommodation options, and you'll find the rates reasonable. Included in your room rate for both private and shared rooms: all meals, yoga instruction, meditation instruction, pool, and amenities.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have, reserve your retreat time, or register now.

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