Yoga Thailand was founded by a group of earnest practitioners of yoga and meditation. Most of our staff is committed to a daily meditation practice which works in concert with their yoga practices. At Karuna, we realize that the body and mind are inter-dependently linked and co-condition each other.

During your visit, you'll enjoy the company and wisdom of serious practitioners participating in meditation retreat who know firsthand the need for a well-conditioned body and the effectiveness of yoga in training in mindfulness of body, relieving tension, softening feelings, and liberating the mind. We also recognize yoga as a path of liberation (or moksa).

Our yoga instructors have been trained by Richard Freeman, John Friend, Anthony Carlisi, Paul Dallaghan, Dharma Mittra, BKS Iyengar, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Shiva Rea, and many others.

Our meditation instructors have received teaching and transmission from the Dalai Lama, Thich Naht Hanh, Ajan Chan, Mahasi Sayadaw & students, Bokar Rinpoche, Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Buddhadasa Bikkhu & students, Jack Kornfeld and the Karmapa among many others.

Karuna Resident Teachers

We use a variety of local Thai and Western yoga teachers for our instructor-led sessions. The blend of teachers helps to connect with both the spirit and mechanics of yoga, from both cultural perspectives.

Karuna Visiting Teachers

Julie Hirunchai - Phuket
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The word YOGA has enchanted me since I was 15 and used to join my mom in her practice in our living room – for instruction, we had only a dime-store book: “Slimming with Yoga.”

It took many years before I settled into a serious yoga practice - I was fortunate to attend an ashtanga workshop with Anthony Carlisi, and have never looked back. This dynamic form of yoga really "spoke" to me in a way other schools of yoga had fallen a bit short, at least for me. By the end of this week with Anthony I knew I had found a path I could follow.

I took my teacher training with Paul Dallaghan, O.P. Tiwari, Jeff & Harmony Lichty, Jessica Blanchard & Neil Barker and the guidance of these exemplary teachers has changed my life. "I cant teach anyone anything, I'm still a student myself...” was my state of mind upon completing my teacher's training. The realization came to that everyone who chooses the yogic path is a student.

Learning is teaching (oneself) and teaching is learning - my students have taught me that. I extend heartfelt thanks to my many teachers and most of all, thank you, to my students, I have learned more from you than you will ever know.

Karen Anderson
yoga thailand
Karen has been teaching yoga since 1999. After a number of certifications in vinyasa yoga, she is now a student of the traditional Ashtanga practice with Richard Freeman, having attended multiple teacher intensives and with the intent to pursue yoga as a life-long practice. Whether teaching the primary series, playful vinyasa or a more gentle vinyasa or restorative practice, Karen incorporates the internal alignment and breath awareness of the Ashtanga system into her teaching.

A student of Michael Gregory in meditation practice, she weaves the mindfulness practices & understanding into her yoga classes. Karen is a certified massage therapist and enjoys the study of anatomy as well as yogic philosophy. Karen believes that the asana, pranayama & meditation practices give us the opportunity to observe ourselves, behave consciously, connect with others, and live a contented, peaceful life contributing to the happiness of others.

Erik Vienneau
yoga thailand
Erik has been a spiritual seeker for as long as he can remember. Sensing the essential purity of all beings, and seeking a practice through which to recognize this purity, Erik is a committed yoga and meditation practitioner. Jamie Allison, a senior Anusara instructor was his initial guide on the yogic path and assisted him in developing a deep foundation in the principles of yogic alignment.

Erik completed a 250-hour teacher training program at Samadhi Center for Yoga in Denver, CO. He is an instructor at the Samadhi Center for Yoga and also travels to Asia each winter to teach at the Karuna Yoga & Meditation Center in Thailand.

Anusara's “opening to grace” principle assists Erik in recognizing the constant unfolding of his being and deepens his ability to realize his unlimited potential. As a long-term student of meditation under the guidance of numerous exceptional teachers, Erik has participated in several 30 day silent retreats in the US and Thailand. During these retreats, Erik learned to slow down and notice that in the gaps between our thoughts, the essential perfection of all appearances readily manifests. Erik's teaching aspiration is to direct others to discover and live as much as possible in their own perfect nature, their pure potential, the present, unstained moment.

Serving as an assistant meditation instructor for fellow students in his Colorado Buddhist community, Erik is profoundly inspired by the opportunity to take meditation into movement that the consistent practice of yoga cultivates in his being.

Grounded in a foundation of seated meditation and inspired by the forms of Vinyasa flow, Jivamukti, Dharma Mitra and Anusara Yoga, Erik's classes offer a safe, caring, supported environment for his spiritual companions to discover their own perfect nature through the mindful movement of Yoga.

Join Erik for an adventure in yoga and meditation filled with flowing grace and the sublime movement of the breath that reunites mind and body and ultimately will lead you to realizing your own perfect nature.

Maria DeSimone
yoga thailand
Maria has been sharing the joy of yoga and meditation with all manner of students for more that a decade. She counts John Friend as among her most profound influences. She is a mother, a business owner, and an active member of the community.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have, reserve your retreat time, or register now.

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