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Terms and Conditions


‘The client’ shall mean the person guest at Karuna Meditation Center (or, "Center"). ‘Force Majeure’ shall mean any occurrence outside of Karuna Meditation Center’s control including, but not limited to: fire, windstorm, flood, explosion, collapse of structures, riot, war, labor disputes, delays or restrictions by governmental bodies, inability to obtain or use necessary materials, or any cause beyond the reasonable control of such party.

Ability and Suitability for the course

Karuna Meditation Center reserves the right to deny admittance to any client after review of a client’s application form, face-to-face, or distance interview. For all stays and activities offered by Karuna Meditation Center, this decision will be based on the client’s abilities and history in the following areas: emotional and psychological stability; prior job or school history and performance; use or history of use of illicit drugs; excessive use of alcohol; and presence of any criminal or illicit activity or behavior. The client shall disclose any histories or lack of abilities in the above areas prior to their stay. If such conditions are revealed after admission into any of Karuna Meditation Center’s activities or facilities, this shall be a valid reason for expulsion from the Center, denial of certification, non-refund of fees paid, or any combination thereof.

Equal Opportunity

Karuna Meditation Center will not deny any client stay based on sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or belief.

Deposits and Payments

All initial deposits are non-refundable. Any additional payments beyond the initial deposit are refundable up to the arrival date. No refunds will be made upon the start of any client stay.

Client Cancellations and Changes

Should a client desire or need to change their dates of occupancy or activity, Karuna Meditation Center shall, entirely at its own discretion, do one of the following: 1) transfer credit of monies paid towards a future stay, if notice is given outside of seven days of arrival or activity; 2) perform (1) above and assess a 20% rebooking fee to a future stay, if notice is given within seven days of arrival or activity; 3) cancel booking and retain all monies received if no notice is given within one day of arrival. Changes to future dates will only be made on an as-available basis, and the Center is under no obligation to provide compensation or refund if no suitable future date can be found by either the Client or the Center.

Changes and Cancellations Due to Force Majeure

Karuna Meditation Center may change or cancel any or all of its facilities or activities based on Force Majeure. In such a case, the client shall be notified by Karuna Meditation Center of the change in a timely manner, and, at Karuna Meditation Center's discretion, credit transferred towards a stay or activity beginning on a different date or different locale, which may or may not be in the same country. In case of force majeure causing the cancellation of a stay or activity after its start date, Karuna Meditation Center shall do one or a combination of the following, at its discretion: 1) reschedule completion of the course for a later date; 2) transfer clients to a different, prescheduled course at a different location, which may or may not be in a different country; or 3) none of the above. In no case shall refunds of any monies received be issued in the case of Force Majeure.

Exchange Rates

All credit card payments are made in Thai Baht and processed at our office in Thailand. This means that the client’s issuing bank will charge based on exchange rates to the client’s local currency as of the date of processing.

Drug and Alcohol Use

Direct or indirect evidence of substance or alcohol abuse by the client revealed before or during the course shall be grounds for immediate expulsion from the school, denial of certification, and non-refund of fees paid. Abuse shall include, but not limited to: visible intoxication; use of alcohol during classroom, practice teaching, or volunteer periods; drunk driving; use of any drug before or during the course; and purchase or sale of illicit drugs. *No refunds will be given due to acts of God, and political unrest beyond the control of company; rescheduling is acceptable in such situations toward a later date.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have, reserve your retreat time, or register now.

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