What Our Guests Are Saying:

Thank you for providing such a lovely and well-designed facility.
Betty, Colorado, USA

Kob Khun Kaaa ("thank you" in Thai) You have made my dream come true - especially Julie - her warmth and guidance led me to deeper levels of opening in my practice. I will come back as soon as I can - Yoga Thailand is a great place.
Kim, Dallas, USA

This beautiful place was the perfect setting for a yoga retreat. I felt totally at home – good accommodation, fantastic food, first class yoga instruction, and a great variety of places to practice and chill out. The staff was friendly and warm. I would recommend your center to anyone, not just for yoga, but as a perfect place to get away from it all in beautiful Thailand. Good on ya!
Merrie, Melbourne, Australia

I am a few weeks post-Phuket and still feeling good. My practice habit is sticking with me – the month there was a godsend. I am ready for the year ahead with shifted eating habits, more commitment to my yoga and a new appreciation of meditation. I do miss the center, but know I will be back – you all are wonderful, thanks.
Deirdre, London, UK

It is obvious to me that you have put loads of thought into the place and programs. Karen is a beautiful teacher – full of grace and joy. She taught me respect for my body and yoga practice and encouraged a deeper sensitivity to my being. Her laughter was especially noticeable and infectious – it is obvious she cares and loves her work. The food was great, the place extremely peaceful and the bed was cozy. I wouldn’t change a thing.
Troy, San Francisco, USA

I work hard, get a lot of stress from my job and my week there was incredible. My skepticism about the whole idea of retreat was evident to you guys and you helped me to settle in and open up to the experience. At the end of the retreat, I was enjoying the yoga, meditation, eating well and even having some massages. Thanks for helping me change for the better.
no name provided

Thanks for the week of transformation which was so very well organised. My friends say I look and seem much better – clearer and more centered. I’ll be back.
Margaret, Auckland, NZ

I came to Yoga Thailand a total mess, and after 10 days, feel much better. I still have problems, but have realized how manageable they are. I was making a big deal about small stuff and have learned to loosen up. I don’t have to believe all my thoughts and every little pain in not the end of the world. Thanks for the structure, the yoga is awesome and meditation is a part of my life, now.
Claire, Minneapolis, USA

I cannot put into words how much my time meditating and practising yoga in Thailand has meant to me. I feel deeply changed and thank you from my heart.
Judy, Cape Town, South Africa

Thanks to all the teachers who helped me go deeper and with more confidence than I have ever had in yoga.
Phillipa, Gold Coast, Australia

Improved balance and coordination, not just in the body – but a better mental feeling than I have ever had. Thanks for getting me back on track.
Richard, New York, USA

Doing yoga in Thailand with you all is like getting a full body massage. Getting a full body massage Thai massage after yoga is like going to heaven. Meditating after these two is like – well I can’t describe the feeling of peace and contentment – and now, I know this is always available. Thanks from the core of my being.
Donnie, Seattle, USA

More stretchy, less tense, feeling healthier, happier, and younger than ever.
Rebecca, Bristol, UK

I struggle to turn off my busy mind and the daily routine there was perfect to allow me to recognize that thoughts are not a problem. I can do yoga, meditate a little, be healthier, kinder and less agitated in any give moment – whether sitting still or moving. Wow – I never knew that. Thanks.
Theo, California, USA

I am addicted to the healthy, aware life that you helped me discover. Sincere gratitude.
Nick, Sydney, Australia

Yoga is for everyone. I am a grandmother and have discovered a new fountain of youth. Plus the food is delicious.
Sara, Chattanooga, USA

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