Yoga in Thailand

In planning a yoga retreat in Thailand, please consider connecting to a deeper dimension of yoga. While yoga can be beneficial to general health and wellness as well as athletic endeavors, at Yoga Thailand in Phuket, yoga is practiced in a more centered manner and meditative setting. You will be encouraged to meditate multiple times each day, take advantage of other practices like qigong (tai chi), and remain quietly present throughout the day's activities.

Thailand is an exceptional place to engage in the practice of yoga and meditation. The climate is generally perfect - warm and sunny - the food is fresh, healthy and delicious and the people are delightful. You will be the beneficiary of living among those steeped in a thousand years of Buddhist values. While not perfect, the Thai people are generally held to be among the friendliest on earth.

Known as the Land of 1000 Smiles... the Thai people have lived in accord with Buddhist values for more than 1000 years. Guests of Karuna find the Thai culture to be an enchanting part of their experience: Thais are generally gentle, light-hearted, funny and warm.

yoga thailand
Thai Yoga may be more familiarly known as a form of stretching and deep massage. This style of bodywork is thought to have been brought from India to Thailand some 2500 years ago as is indicated by the Thai name: Ancient Siamese massage. (literally old Thai pressure...)

This form of bodywork is normally done on the floor, on a thin mat while the yogi wears comfortable clothes which allow easy movement. As a form of passive yoga, no oils are used as the yogi's body is gently, yet deeply manipulated through a series of gentle stretches with intermittent traditional massage techniques.

yoga thailand
In addition to your asanas practice, you will have ample opportunity to sample this style of yogic massage during your stay. The average hour-long Thai style massage costs only about $20 USD.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have, reserve your retreat time, or register now.

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